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Graduating in 2008 during the "crash"‚Äč made me scrappy and passionate. With something to prove, I tried every type of work I could but no matter how good I got at any one thing, it was my thought process that made that work great. For an ad creative, it was not a typical path but during that time I realized I could learn anything for the sake of a great idea.

In concept, nothing starts out fully formed - a few words will do no idea full justice so my process leaves a lot of room for collaboration and feedback. It is important for me to put my work in front of people to stay objective. Though not all suggestions can become expectations, I keep projects flexible until the final stages and make late nights count.

In 2015, messaging is the last thing an advertiser needs to address. Campaigns used to thrive on frequency and huge media buys but now the consumer responds with distaste and cynicism. Engaging tactics targeted at niche communities is the fastest path toward brand differentiation. Broad brand campaigns have become secondary to content, interaction, and utility.